In 1990-2010 г.г. Rotary club “St.Petersburg” completed over 40 community projects:

in 1990 - 1995 г.г.:

- supply of wheel chairs and medicines to the Children’s Hospital N1;

- cheque for $ 2000 to one of the oldest Russian libraries – library of the St. Petersburg University;

- supply of vitamins and medicines to the Children’s Hospital N1;

- supply of by-pass equipment to the “Heart-to-Heart” center at the Children’s Hospital N1;

- 3 “Lada” cars to the Russian “Children’s Foundation”;

- trailer with food and goods for the suffering citizens of Leningrad;

- sponsoring youngsters football team to participate at the “Tivoli Cup” in Denmark;

- training in Norway of the agricultural farmers from Leningrad region and supply of seeds for them;

- supply of specialized food products for the allergic patients to the children’s sanatorium in Leningrad region;

- sponsoring “picnic” and gifts for the handicapped children of Orphanage No.3 in the park of the Catherine’s palace;

- diabetic testers, medicines, ambulance and X-rays equipment to the clinic of the Pediatric Academy;

- sponsorship of reconstruction of the historical Russian sailing ship “Shtandart”;

- together with the Salvation Army supply of food and wear to the suffering people of St.Petersburg at Christmas;

- delivery of food products and gifts to the Orphanage N 9 of the Frunzenskiy district of St.Petersburg;

- distribution among St.Petersburg clinics of medicines which were supplied via air bridge by the US government in the frames of the “Heart-to-Heart” program;

- supply of medicines to the Children’s polyclinic in Petrogradskiy District;

- supply of by-pass equipment to the Cardio Center with the Pokrovskiy Hospital in St.Petersburg;

- supply of 3 containers of medicines to the clinic of the Pediatric Academy;

- 1000 $ to the Orphanage № 3 of Kalininskiy District of St.Petersburg.


in 1996 - 2000 г.г.:

- supply of wear and shoes for the 64 children at the age from 3 to 18 of Orphanage № 3 of Kalininskiy District of St.Petersburg, providing dresses for the 11 graduates of this orphanage, assisting them in entering Universities and in getting the residence in the dormitories;

- supply of shoes to the Orphanage № 3 of Kalininskiy District of St.Petersburg;

- sponsoring 3 professors of Pediatric Academy to participate at the international conference;

- Christmas gifts to the Orphanage № 3 of Kalininskiy District of St.Petersburg;

– sponsoring “sensor room” for rehabilitation of the newborn children at the Children’s Home N3 of Frunzenskiy District;

- sponsoring of the IV International Ballet Competition at the Academy named after Vaganova;

- assistance to the city administration during the National days of vaccination against Polio;

- sponsoring of a plaque erected in the dockyards of Portsmouth in commemoration of the tercentenary of the visit of Peter the Great;

– project “School Internet” at the city educational center for school pupils;

in 2000-2010 г.г.:

– sponsoring erection of the memorial plaque to the “Siege Well” at the Fontanka emb., 23;

– supply of medical equipment and specialized medical accessories to the first city Hospice for children;

- sponsoring erection of the monument to academician Andrei Saharov;

– repair and decoration works of the premises at the Children’s Orphanage “Fedor”;

- sponsoring of the installation of a special lifting equipment for wheelchairs to the school N25 of Petrogradskiy District for the handicapped children.

- sponsoring boilers to heat water for the Children’s Hospice.

Rotary club “St.Petersburg” sponsored:

- 7 Rotary Foundation scholars (3 to the USA, 2 to Germany, 1 to the UK and 1 to Canada);

- 5 young people to participate in the youth exchange programs for a one year study at the US high schools;

- 11 young people to the summer camps in European districts (Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Franceв, Finland;


hosted in St.Petersburg:

- for 14 days 6 Rotaractors from Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands;

- 7 GSE groups.

- High School student from the USA for one year study at a Russian school and staying in the families;

- youth exchange group from Ukraine with staying in the families;

- organizing a 2 days cultural programs for the youth exchange students studying in Finland in 1993-2003.