The project of support of the St. Petersburg public institution - a social shelter for children "Transit"

In 2006 of Rotari the St. Petersburg club started assisting a shelter "FEODOR", the former name of a shelter "Transit", on insulator arrangement for newcomers of children. It was in the old building which located at the address: on 59 Stachek Avenue к.2.

After renaming of a shelter and its moving in 2010 to the new building on Kurlyandskaya Street, the St. Petersburg club rendered to 20 of Rotari the essential help in re-planning of rooms of a reception of the first floor, repair procedural - and medical offices, an insulator for sick children (in pictures). On September 2 solemn opening on a new place took place.

To this day Rotari's members of St. Petersburg club in every possible way help a shelter. Some of them are included into the board of trustees that allows to react to all needs of "Transit" quickly. For example, by past New Year's holiday good fabric was necessary for children for a scene curtain of "a red corner". And the president of club Yury Gerasimov personally went with employees of a shelter on shops for search of the necessary fabric which, naturally, was quickly found and presented to orphanage. And for New Year children had a full-fledged scene and the auditorium for a holiday. Besides, Rotari club tries to provide children of a shelter with New Year's gifts annually.

The St. Petersburg public institution - a social shelter for children "Transit" - the only thing in St. Petersburg establishment of social rehabilitation of minors which accepts children and teenagers from 3 to 18 years which have self-willedally left families, orphanages and other establishments located in the territory of Russia and the countries of the near and far abroad, appeared in a difficult life situation and subject to return in the place of residence (stay) of their parents or lawful representatives. In a shelter children who have appeared without care, not having a subsistence, the constant residence, the lost family, related and other positive links which have undergone violence, thrown, got lost arrive. And workers of a shelter render all of them such types of the help, as medical, psychological, social and legal, pedagogical.

Annually establishment renders the social and rehabilitation help on the average to 450 pupils.

"Transit" here is already many years the director of a shelter Ryabko Marina Petrovna (in a picture), ph. +7 812 576 83 57.